I have a new site, come join me!

Hello to all you wonderful people, so following my departure in February I have game blogging withdrawal, so I have made a new site called Oceanid Geek to cover all the great gaming and entertainment news in a blog. I found an option that allowed us to drastically reduce our expenses making the blog more manageable to maintain.

Join us over at https://oceanidgeek.co.uk

As for this site, I am still transferring the content over, there are over 600 posts and one of me so may take a little while, the aim is for this site to close as soon as the content is over hopefully before 28 April 2022

You can also join me on socials at:

@oceanidgeek (Facebook & Twitter)

If this is where you leave me, I have loved your support over the years, and wish you a happy future game filled future!

I’d love to see you all on the new site,

Much Love

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